SAT is still becoming one of the important aspects of the university admission process. Even when US universities are still extending their test-optional policy, many students seek to find a way to show their readiness by taking the SAT test. Looking at the importance of having SAT and in our contribution to help students reach their goal, IICS is planning to open the school for SAT Test on March 12, 2022. However, looking at the prolonged pandemic situation, more protocols and regulations are needed to minimize the risk for everyone involved

The government’s regulation in regards to PPKM policy in Jakarta has been very dynamic, but let us choose to be vigilant as cases are still going up and it spreads faster these days. IICS sees that it is important that everyone understands the regulations and protocols before coming to the test. Failure to follow the protocol will result in dismissal from our test center. Please refer to the message by the College Board as shown below (the link to this information was provided in the SAT Terms and Conditions):

Source: PSAT-Related Assessment and SAT Coronavirus Updates

For March 2022 administration, you will be required to fill out the health check form prior to the test day on March 12, 2022. Please note that you will be required to upload your NEGATIVE Swab PCR result from a reputable lab/clinic/hospital (not a self-antigen test) at the end of the Health Check form. We will check your responses and your test result before admitting you to the test center. 

For those of you who travel from outside of Jabodetabek, please be advised that you need to self-quarantine for 3 days since your arrival. Meaning, we are expecting you to arrive and start your self-quarantine at least from Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

We do hope that everyone is safe and comfortable during the test. It is not just about the test, but also the safety of everyone (including their family) that is present on the test day.  Please be considerate with one another. Your consideration of other people's safety will be greatly appreciated. 

Other than the school health protocol, we ask you to respect the school culture by wearing neat and polite attire (no shorts and sandals).

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