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Counseling & Consultation are needed by those who are in need to understand about themselves, the problem they faced and the helpful information to guide themselves.
Through counseling and consultation, one can have a partner to help directing himself/herself. One would find a counselor if one care enough for oneself to achieve more dynamic self-development.


Counseling & Consultation

Counseling is available to anyone who is in need (children, teenagers and adults).

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Psychological test serves as a tool to provide a clear description of certain individual’s in a relatively short period of time. The view obtained is in accordance to the goal of the test given, i.e. intelligence, abilities, interests or personalities. Several tests provided by IPEKA Counseling Center are as follow:

Some test services that can be obtained at IPEKA Counseling Center are:


  • Helping schools to have a clear description of the potencies of their students
  • Teachers/parents can understand the weaknesses and strengths of their students/children thus are able to direct them accordingly
  • Students are able to identify their weaknesses and strengths in thinking


  • Helping students to identify their abilities and interest in order to choose the proper major in senior high school (Science or Social) and university
  • Helping schools in directing students to choose the major suitable to their abilities and interests


  • Providing psychological description of the employee that is going to be recruited/promoted in order to find the right person for the right position and at the right time.


  • Employees from various backgrounds of works and institutions (schools, social institutions, churches, etc.)


Providing information for educators and parents about:

  • IQ and mental development of the children
  • Stand out abilities that can be developed


  • Providing 10 measurable aspects about children maturity.
  • This profiling would help educators and parents to anticipate any obstacles experienced by students when they enter a higher level of education, i.e.Elementary School.


  • To aid schools in selecting student candidates that would likely join the acceleration class.


  • The test is given as a selection process toward student candidates who will join acceleration program either in junior or senior high school level.


  • Free of charge service in form of short briefing on what to be prepared and done by the parents in order to facilitate their children who involved in acceleration program.


  • The test would provide information about the degree of intelligence
  • This test also provide information about the children’s abilities in particular
  • This test serves as a tool to identify possible obstacles for each students in fulfilling academic acquirements


  • Aiding individuals to pursue career suitable to their unique personality


  • The test is given to those who need information in detail and depth about the characteristics of their personality or of those who undergo problems
  • Things to do in order to optimally actualize himself/herself or handling any actual problems


  • The test can be taken by children, teenagers, and adults as well