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It is a great time to reflect that we are indeed blessed because we are here celebrating life and entering a new school year.

Welcome to Academic Year 2023/2024!

In this period, we pray that everyone will be healthy and strong.

Let us work hand and hand in order for our children to enjoy their school days. Help us to develop them holistically and most especially Christ-centered.

Jackielou Cabral-Cuevas

Elementary School Life

Spiritual Emphasis and Enrichment Days (SEED)

Spiritual Emphasis and Enrichment Days (SEED) is the first program we have at the beginning of the academic year. During our first days of school, we want to bring our children to get to know Jesus Christ and equip them with God's promises that will surely strengthen them throughout the year. The children will have student service in the chapel where they can sing praises to God and listen to God’s Word. After the service, the students will do activities in class as the response to God’s Word they have heard in the chapel.

VBS is an annual program for our Grade 1- 4 students at Elementary level. Students, teachers, and parents always look forward to this event. The event is held for a week. The students will have different learning experiences that are taken from God’s Word. Some of the classrooms will be converted into Bible, Mission, Games, Art, Music, and Snack stations. Our dedicated teachers decorate the stations according to the yearly VBS theme. Some of our parents also volunteer to decorate the chapel as the venue for the closing of this big event. As part of the big event, students will perform what they have learned in the past four days through songs and a drama presentation.

Academic Program IICS

Academic Program At IICS, we encourage and prepare our students to actively participate in different kind of regional, national, and international tournaments. We work closely with some institutions and receive invitations to challenge our students through different competitions. We believe that joining the competition is helpful to stretch the students’ capability. With the help of our dedicated teachers and support from parents, we have won several competitions. Let all glory be to God only.

Non-Academic Program

We believe that God creates each one of us with a special gift. Every student has a different interest and talent. At Elementary at IICS, we strive to provide our students with a variety of extracurricular options to accommodate and develop the students’ talents. Starting the academic year of 2019/2020, we selectively work together with some vendors that provide educational programs. As of now, we work with an educational institution which provides Engineering and Coding Class. For students who love physical activities, we offer some sports activities such as Basketball Club, Soccer(futsal) Club, and Swimming Club. We also offer Public Speaking Class for older students who want to learn more about how to speak well in public and overcome stage fright. For those who love nature and planting, we offer Agriculture Class where the students can learn how to plant hydroponic plants. Another Extra-curricular that becomes one of the students’ favorite is the Brain Games Class. In this class, students learn a lot of things through educational games they play. For those who are into music and art, we offer Violin class, Ballet class, Clay Art Class, Paper Craft Class, and Drama Class.

Indonesian Cultural Program

Indonesia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. It is a home to numerous different ethnic groups, languages and religions. This makes Indonesia a complex and interesting country. We believe that cultural awareness is essential for the young learner’s upbringing and it will also promote patriotism in the future. Therefore, our school in Jakarta held an annual event, Indonesian Culture, to engage teachers and students in exploring riches of Indonesian culture through a variety of activities and performances. On that special day, our students will be given an opportunity to participate in traditional dances and play musical instruments, try some traditional foods, engage in some traditional games, and watch a live traditional performance.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 1:7