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Senior High School Life


This is a Senior High School program designed to help the Year 10 students be spiritually refreshed and experience precious moments in God’s presence. In this retreat some students are prepared to lead the Praise and Worship segment that opens each session. We also invite speakers to be with us and discuss topics that are relevant to the students’ needs.

Through this Retreat we hope that students will have the opportunity to “meet God,” believe in Him and receive Him as their personal Savior. This time allows the Year 10 students to not only deepen their Christian faith but also learn how to walk in it. Moreover, this Retreat aligns with the school’s first ESLR, which is to become faithful followers of Christ.

On the third day of the Retreat, students also visit an orphanage with multi-disability children. There, they have an opportunity to share their experiences with the children to encourage them, as well as distribute some goody-bags to them. As a result of this program, our students are also able to realize how blessed their lives have been compared to others, and that they should be more grateful and share their blessings with those in need.

Leadership Camp

This is a program for Year 11 students to manifest their leadership potential. It includes both sessions with talks and discussions as well as field activities.

The High School Students are challenged to get out of their comfort zones and try doing new things. Their teamwork is exercised and their confidence is strengthened. They are also trained to focus on achieving their high school goals.

By the end of this program, students are expected to be able to speak for themselves, know what they want to achieve through high school and be determined to reach both their academic and personal goals.


In this program the Year 11 students spend about 3-4 days in a village, usually in Central Java. Sometimes this excursion can be an integration of several Subjects that are related, such as PPKn and Indonesian Language. The purpose is to introduce the students to certain aspects of Indonesian culture, especially through workshops and hands-on learning.

During this excursion students live in a homestay or with villagers. Students learn how to play traditional musical instruments, such as gamelan and gambang; how to act in “Sendratari Ramayana”; how to paint batik patterns; and how to make Javanese puppets from cow skins. They also have an opportunity to perform what they have learned.

Live-in Program

The Live-in Program exposes Year 12 students to the living conditions of a typical village for 3-4 days. In this time, they follow the daily schedule and activities of the host villagers with whom they are staying.

Some students may experience working in rice fields, some selling snacks, while others may experience feeding cattle. They also have the chance to engage in some voluntary activities, such as painting the facilities of the village's primary school or church, doing some hydroponic farming, or installing water supplies to irrigate the farm. Students enjoy this program very much, and often consider it to be one of the most memorable times of their high school years.

Field Trips

These field trips are based on the students’ subjects. Typically, we have run them in line with the subjects of Business & Economics, Computer Science (SDD), Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The main purpose of these programs is to equip our students to be independent critical thinkers and more prepared members of the global community.

Our Business & Economics students have gone to factories to observe what it takes to operate a business. Our Biology students have had the opportunity to go to SEPA island and undergo some marine observation activities. They spend a night on the island to have two separate observation sessions. Our Chemistry and Physics students have had the chance to visit laboratories or do some engineering calculations in the field.

Student Exchange Program

This program is intended for Senior High School students who want to get a foretaste of studying abroad or want to experience other countries and cultures, or both!

Students are paired with “buddies” from the Christian partner school in the host country. They visit that school for about nine days, accompanied by school chaperones. It can be that our students go to the partner school abroad first and then we host students from that school later, or the other way around. Either way, all students stay with the families of their “buddies.”

This program encourages students to widen their networking and open their minds, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to exercise wisdom to discern what aspects of human culture are exemplary and what aspects are not. It also gives our students an excellent chance to practice their English in real-life situations.

University Counsellor

Deciding something big such as career path is a big deal for students. Information is everywhere, but how to look for the right information and how to use the information what university will best fit the student; the University Counselor is ready to help.

A university counsellor help students from Year 9 to 12 in preparing their education after High School. University fair, seminars and workshops from famous universities, consultation, guidance through university application; these are some of the programs that are beneficial for students to prepare their further education.

Working alongside with the school counselor, teachers, and schools leaders, we hope that our students get the best opportunity to advance their knowledge and experience in a prestigious institution around the world.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 1:7