A New Era of Global Diplomacy: IPEKA Model United Nations (MUN)

A New Era of Global Diplomacy: IPEKA Model United Nations (MUN)

The first-ever IPEKA Model United Nations (MUN) was held at IICS, marking a historic moment. This event showcased student dedication and highlighted the importance of engaging young minds in global issues. As a leading Christian school, IPEKA nurtures future leaders skilled in international relations and committed to positive global impact.

This year, students took on the roles of delegates, exploring global diplomacy and United Nations procedures. Their dedication was evident, with many eager to contribute to meaningful change. The IPEKA MUN developed critical thinking, public speaking, and negotiation skills while addressing pressing global issues.

The IPEKA MUN focused on:
- "Fostering International Norms for the Governance of the Global Gig Economy" by the International Labour Organization.
- "Protecting Vulnerable Populations: Strategies for Upholding Rights in Venezuela" by the United Nations Human Rights Council.
- "Challenges in Countering Organized Crime in Maritime Security" by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Students experienced the complexities of international governance, fostering collaboration and innovation. They engaged in debates, strategic negotiations, and thoughtful resolutions, showcasing their potential as future leaders.

The IPEKA MUN was the beginning of a journey toward understanding and solving global issues. Thanks to all delegates, organizers, and supporters for making this event a success. Here's to the future of IPEKA MUN and many milestones yet to come.


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