Happy Youth Pledge Day

Happy Youth Pledge Day

Youth Pledge Day is celebrated every October 28. This year, the theme is “United, Rise and Grow”. This theme was chosen to reaffirm the commitment of youth promised in the 1928 Youth Pledge.

The Youth Pledge is a pledge of Indonesian youth who claim to shed one blood, the land of Indonesia, claim to be one nation, the Indonesian nation and uphold the language of unity, the Indonesian language.

The moments when the Youth Pledge was born occurred at the third meeting of the Second Youth Congress. Summarized from the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Youth Pledge Pledge was the result of the decision of the Pemoeda-Pemoedi Meeting or the Second Youth Congress which was held on 27-28 October 1928.

The congress was held after the first Youth Congress was held from April 30 to May 2, 1926, in Batavia (Jakarta). However, the Youth Congress I ended without satisfactory results.

At the Third Youth Congress which was held from October 26 to October 28, a speech called the Youth Pledge was produced. That's why every October 28 is celebrated as Youth Pledge Day.

Happy Youth Pledge Day 2021. Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders.

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