Important Information Regarding SAT Test 4 December 2021

Important Information Regarding SAT Test 4 December 2021

The SAT Test has long become an important part of university admissions, not only for US universities but all other universities around the world. Looking at the importance of having SAT and in our contribution to help students reach their goal, IICS is planning to open the school for SAT Test on December 4, 2021. However, looking at the prolonged pandemic situation, more protocols and regulations are needed to minimize the risk for everyone involved

Although the government has reduced the PPKM level for Jakarta, we are still not entirely safe from the threat. It is important that you understand the regulation and protocols before coming to school to protect yourself and other people around you. Failure to follow the protocol will result in dismissal from our test center. Please refer to the message by the College Board as shown below:

Source: What to Expect on SAT Test Day this Fall

For December 2022 administration, IICS will not ask you to present the Antigen test before coming to the school building. We need students/parents to fill in a Google Health Check Form prior to coming to the school ground. Please make sure that you can access and fill in the form:

We do hope that everyone is safe and comfortable during the test. Your consideration of other people's safety will be greatly appreciated. 

Other than the school health protocol, we ask you to respect the school culture by wearing neat and polite attire (no shorts and sandals).

Important links for students:

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