Important Information Regarding SAT Test 8 May 2021

Important Information Regarding SAT Test 8 May 2021

The SAT Test has long become an important part of university admissions, not only for the US universities but all other universities around the world. Looking at the importance of having SAT and in our contribution to help students reach their goal, IICS is planning to open the school for SAT Test on May 8, 2021. However, looking at the pandemic situation, more protocols and regulations are needed to minimize the risk for everyone involved

If you are registered to our test center for the May test, please go to this link to confirm your participation: Please submit the form by May 2nd, 2021. Our test center will have 120 students coming for the test and it is important that everyone understand the regulation and protocol before coming to school. Failure to follow the protocol will result in dismissal from our test center. Please refer to the message by the College Board as shown below:


You will be required to fill the health check form prior to the test day on May 8th, 2021. Please note that at the end of the Health Check form, you will be required to upload your NEGATIVE Swab Antigen result in order to be admitted to the test center. 

We do hope that everyone is safe and comfortable during the test. Your consideration towards other people's safety will be greatly appreciated. 

Important links for students:

Student health check form (must be filled before the test day):

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