Let’s Celebrate the Graduation of IICS, Class of 2023!

Let’s Celebrate the Graduation of IICS, Class of 2023!

School graduation is a momentous occasion that represents the culmination of academic achievements and the start of new possibilities. It is a time for graduates to reflect on their accomplishments, embrace new opportunities, and celebrate the relationships and memories made during their educational journey. By recognizing the significance of graduation, graduates can make informed decisions about their future, build networks, and continue their pursuit of lifelong learning. Let us celebrate the achievements of graduates and support them as they embark on their exciting new ventures, shaping a brighter future for themselves and society as a whole. Take a look at how we celebrate the graduation of our students.

Kindergarten Students

Elementary Students

Junior High Students

Senior High Students

Congratulations to all IICS graduates Class of 2023, we are so proud of you! We pray for a bright future for you. Keep shining and discover the world that is larger than the one you currently live in. Maintain your Christ-like principles, make a contribution, and bless others. God's blessings are upon you.

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