Teaching Your Child to be Productive During the Holiday

Teaching Your Child to be Productive During the Holiday

For school kids, the holiday is a chance to take a break from the pressures of school, and to do other activities that they enjoy doing. However, the holiday can also be a trap for some students – without setting up responsibilities for them, they could be spending time on activities that do not provide value. Because school shouldn’t be the only place where kids are productive, here are some productivity tips during the holiday time.

Productive During the Holiday

1. Encourage acts of service to teach them the value of work

At the end of the day, everyone needs to work, and teaching children early about the value of work is highly beneficial for them in the long term.

While at school, they learn to work on their own studies. This kind of work is really just for themselves and doesn’t benefit anyone else. At home during the holiday, your children can be taught to do simple chores that benefit the family.

They can for instance learn to set the table for dinner, wash dishes, or sweep the floor at their own initiative. This spontaneous act of service, without being told to do so, is one step towards maturity.


2. Encourage exercise and responsibility for their own health

For many adults, getting into the habit of exercising is difficult, even if there are enough time and resources to do some sports. Children however can learn quickly that exercising is fun and improves their mood.

As they progress through different stages of school, they spend less time outdoors and prefer indoors. During the holiday, your children should be encouraged to take up a hobby that benefits their bodies. The activity doesn’t have to be popular sports that every other child is doing – your children should make the choice.

Perhaps they can take up gardening, swimming, cycling, or even just a walk in the park. They must realize themselves, that without exercise, their days seem incomplete.


3. Encourage creative expression through art

Holiday activities that are productive need not involve a lot of physical activity. Sometimes, all it takes to be productive during the holiday is to channel your children’s boredom through art and other creative expressions.

Since school holidays are generally long, there is plenty of time for your children to take up a new creative hobby that they’ve been meaning to try but lacking in time during normal school days.

Art can be in the form of music, plays, visual art, and even culinary art. Teaching children to cook is also one of the best things you can do for them since cooking is a universal skill that people should know.


Balancing creativity, action and service

At IPEKA Integrated Christian School, we encourage our students to balance activities that foster creativity, action-oriented activities that improve their mental and physical well-being, as well as acts of service that are in line with Christian foundations.

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