IICS Elementary Students Participate in Onsite Retreat Themed “CHANGED”

IICS Elementary Students Participate in Onsite Retreat Themed “CHANGED”

For many students, a school retreat can be a transformative experience. It's a chance to step away from the daily routine and engage in activities that promote personal growth, self-reflection, and community building. Recently, the grade 5 and 6 students from IICS had the opportunity to participate in a three-day, two-night retreat with the theme "Changed" at Villa Bukit Pancawati, and the results were truly inspiring.

In this retreat, the students were invited to commit themselves to be God's witnesses and to show the attitude of Christ's life in everyday life.

The material presentation session at the retreat was also followed by a group discussion with the theme 'Little Red Wagon'. Not to forget the games session, and the retreat ended with a change agent project by the students.

Overall, the grade 5 and 6 retreat was a powerful and transformative experience for everyone involved. Students returned to school with a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment, and many of them expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful and inspiring event. As educators, we are grateful for the chance to help our students grow and thrive, and we look forward to continuing to support them on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Let's check out the excitement of the IICS Elementary Retreat!

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