IPEKA Christian School Online Retreat for Teachers and Staff

IPEKA Christian School Online Retreat for Teachers and Staff

Praise the Lord, IPEKA Christian School is grateful to be able to hold an online retreat for all Teachers and Employees on 7-8 July 2021. This retreat is the first retreat to be held online, which is certainly very different from previous years. 

With the theme of Experiencing God, IPEKA Christian School longs for all teachers and employees to have a relationship with God. It's not just knowing God, but you need to know God.

In his remarks, IPEKA Christian School Operational Director, GI Handojo said “Often when we serve together at IPEKA, or in our lives as Christians, we learn many things about God, learn about the Bible or true Christian doctrine, but often it is only limited to changing our knowledge. Knowledge of doctrine alone is not enough to change our lives or shape our lives to grow like Christ. Our spiritual growth in the likeness of Christ requires the experience of living with God, and it is this experience that makes us know Him. In our lives as Christians, we also know about God, the Bible, or the true doctrine, we also practice it in worship and spiritual activities, but unfortunately, we are often stuck with mere routines, no personal encounter with Christ, no meaningful experience. built with Christ, and does not make us grow like Christ. We long for this retreat to allow us all to learn to have experiences with Christ.”

I hope that through this retreat, all IPEKA Christian School Teachers and Employees will be more equipped, have experiences with God, and grow more and more toward Christ.

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