Learning Innovation for Children: “Early Childhood Curriculum Enhancement” training at IPEKA

Learning Innovation for Children: “Early Childhood Curriculum Enhancement” training at IPEKA

Children's learning process is a colorful journey. Children learn through various stages of development, and it is the teacher's job to constantly innovate and develop creative and effective learning methods according to their needs. At IPEKA, we understand the importance of education that is up-to-date and developmentally appropriate. That is why we are so proud of our "Early Childhood Curriculum Enhancement" training.

This training brought fresh enthusiasm and new knowledge into IPEKA's classrooms. Hosted by Uncle Andrew Goh and the ECY team, the training was specifically designed to enhance teachers' knowledge of effective learning methods for teaching children in their early stages of development.

In this training, our teachers were taught how to present learning that is engaging, interactive, and suited to the needs of the children. They learn how to make learning more fun and meaningful, while still being effective. Creativity in the approach to learning is one of the main keys, and this training provides valuable guidance on how to create a learning environment that motivates children.

Let's take a look at the excitement of the IPEKA teacher training!

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