Tips for Overcoming Boredom When Home Learning During a Pandemic

Tips for Overcoming Boredom When Home Learning During a Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in all teaching and learning activities still having to be carried out online or virtual. The limited face-to-face learning that was already running was also temporarily suspended until the situation recovered. During the pandemic, online learning that has been going on for more than two years causes boredom or boredom. Many of their children are bored with limited teaching and learning activities and lack of interaction with classmates. Sitting in front of a laptop or computer all day is one of the causes of boredom.

So what can be done to overcome the boredom? And how can parents help their children cope? Let's look at the tips below.

  1. Create a comfortable place to study
    Place of study is the most important factor when studying at home. Make sure the study area around is comfortable. Let the children choose the most comfortable place to study. Get rid of various distractions such as toys or items that are not needed, turn off the TV, and make no sound. Also, make sure the children's study area is well lit and there is good air circulation.
  2. Create study groups
    Self-study is sometimes boring, parents can encourage children to invite their classmates to study together through video calls. Through study groups, children also learn to socialize and help each other through discussions in doing school assignments. In addition, children can also encourage and motivate their groupmates, as well as maintain good relationships.
  3. Appropriate learning method
    Learning can be done by many methods, such as viewing video recordings, reading books, taking notes, and also listening to voice notes. Appropriate learning methods can make it easier for children to understand school material and also avoid boredom.
  4. Have enough rest
    Looking at the screen continuously can make your eyes and body tired from the light from the monitor, take time to rest by closing your eyes or stretching.
  5. Making time for hobbies
    Doing hobbies that are liked by children, is one way so that they don't get bored studying at home. Parents can encourage children to spend time doing things or hobbies that they enjoy. For example, doing sports, reading novels, watching movies on Netflix, cooking, or doing activities that can make the mind more relaxed. Children can also try other activities that might become a new hobby or experience for them.

Those are tips that can be done to overcome boredom when home learning during a pandemic. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon and children can return to face-to-face learning. Keep spirit and stay healthy always!

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