Tobias and Justrene Passed the National Level Competitions – KSN 2020

Tobias and Justrene Passed the National Level Competitions – KSN 2020

Praise the Lord,

Our students Tobias Tito Surjorahardjo and Justrene Hartono from IPEKA INTEGRATED Junior High School have successfully passed Kompetisi Sains Nasional (KSN) 2020, and will compete in KSN 2020. 

Tobias and Justrene have participated in the KSN selection gradually from the school selection, then passed at the district or city level, then passed the selection at the provincial level, and finally passed the national level selection stage. Tobias will compete in KSN in the field of Science, while Justrene will compete in KSN in the field of Mathematics.

Previously, Pusat Prestasi Nasional through their official website had officially announced that due to the pandemic situation all achievement development activities were carried out virtually for all levels and fields of competition.

The National Science Competition (KSN) itself is a competition in the field of science for elementary, middle and high school students throughout Indonesia. KSN, previously known as the National Science Olympiad (OSN), is expected to be able to lead students to master science and technology. This competition is also an important part of equalizing achievements and maximizing the potential of talented and character students from all corners of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. 

We kindly request your prayer support for our students, Tobias and Justrene, as they are competing in KSN 2020. 

“For from Him, and through Him, and for Him are all things.” -Romans 11:36

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