Virtual 7 Wonders Architect Tournament 2022

Virtual 7 Wonders Architect Tournament 2022

Today, IICS Elementary Students are having their final round in Virtual 7 Wonders Architect Tournament 2022. This tournament is held by Helovesus, a board game center on 6-10 June 2022. 7 Wonders is a tactical and a strategic game, where bold strategies are rewarded if successful, but tactical flexibility is required to navigate curveballs.

The students who made it to the final round are Jaden Emery T., Jayden Daniel K., Orlando Hugo S., Alden Luthfiyano, Ernst K. Shyle, and Megan Olivia Ho. They are very excited to compete and win the game. This round will be moderated by Ms. Rachel and Ms. Tya.

After a long round, the tournament is won by Orlando Hugo with 46 points, followed by Jaden Emery T. as the first runner-up.

See the full video here: 

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