Being a Great Young Leader

Being a Great Young Leader

IICS Senior High commenced an annual activity, which was the Leadership Camp, which was addressed for the new Year 12 students starting from Wednesday, October 9th until Friday, October 11th 2019 in Pasadena Village, Puncak, Bogor. The theme behind this program was Being A Great Young Leader and was fully associated with the Bible verse taken from Acts 6:3 (NKJV).

program, it was expected that the student’s character and also their skills regarding their leadership and discipline could be fully nurtured, matured, and influential according to God’s moral principles as well as His Words.

There were three areas that were covered and targeted through the commencement of this program: student’s physical, spiritual, as well as mental aspect. In order to sharpen student’s skills in being a great young leader as well as a leader who is determined and also has a strong mind, it is believed that incorporating many useful and fun activities, proved to be effective in sharpening those skills.

Starting with many lectures or seminar regarding on how to be a great young leader, a thrilling journey like the Dark Night (jurit malam), challenging trekking activity, fun and teamwork-based games and activities, morning devotions, ended with a dedication night where students could share and be even closer with one another. All of the activities above were designed by the PIC together with eight talented young leaders (Agents): Alicia Martania Sutandar, Andrea Gautama, Clara Hidajat, Matthew Allen Njam, Maxon Delbert Hakim, Mikaela Gracia, Nathanael Massie Winoto, and Sergio Julius. They were chosen and trusted to represent their whole batch in order to accomplish a holistic program that served the theme accordingly.

This Leadership Camp 2019 program was well-executed, as one result would be during the dedication night, most group members that participated in this program poured out their feelings as well as their experiences during the camp itself. They believed that through this program, their tolerance, their friendship, their care had been elevated. Through this program they were able to listen to others more, able to understand and put themselves in the shoes of others, as well as leading their own self. Moreover, they could see that others have hidden skills inside of them, and also positive characters that have never been seen before.

Let us hope that these positive things keep on being practiced on a daily basis even this program has ended. (Ms. Irayati Tampubolon - PIC)

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