Empowering Educators: IPEKA’s Professional Development Day 2024

Empowering Educators: IPEKA’s Professional Development Day 2024

As we embark on the journey of 2024, IPEKA takes a proactive step towards enhancing the skills and competencies of its educators and staff. The Professional Development Day (PDD), held on January 8-9, 2024, serves as a pivotal moment for growth and knowledge enrichment.

The PDD kicked off with an insightful session led by Reverend Sutjipto Subeno, focusing on "Building a Christian Work Ethic." Reverend Subeno emphasized the significance of talent development and the importance of glorifying God in every aspect of service.

The PDD unfolded as a dynamic series of seminars, workshops, and group discussions. Covering diverse topics such as "Encouraging Creative Solutions to Complex Challenges" and "Teaching and Shepherding in the Post-Truth Era," the agenda aimed at elevating teaching skills, providing the latest knowledge, honing the integration of soft skills in learning, and underscoring the vital link between teaching and shepherding.

Educators and staff were actively engaged in sessions designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. The emphasis was not only on acquiring new knowledge but also on integrating it seamlessly into the teaching process. The workshops also provided a platform for exploring creative teaching methodologies and solutions to navigate the complexities of the educational landscape.

The holistic approach of the PDD extended beyond traditional teaching methods. It highlighted the importance of integrating soft skills into the learning environment, reinforcing the role of educators as shepherds guiding students through the challenges of the Post-Truth Era.

As educators gear up for the new semester in the Academic Year 2023/2024, the Professional Development Day at IPEKA serves as a beacon of inspiration. The commitment to continuous learning, skill development, and the integration of Christian values in education underscores IPEKA's dedication to providing a transformative and holistic learning experience for both educators and students. Here's to a semester filled with renewed enthusiasm and enriched teaching practices!✨

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