Family Games for Kids at Home to Drive Boredom Away

Family Games for Kids at Home to Drive Boredom Away

Before the coronavirus pandemic, your kids were surrounded by their friends and teachers at school. However, mandatory physical distancing protocols were then put in place. For the young ones, this pandemic seems like a strange dream. They question why they can’t see their friends and may become bored and unmotivated at home.

To help your kids get through this pandemic, we suggest that family members are more active at home to set up activities such as family games to maintain their optimal physical and mental health. Not only will this help drive boredom away, but it will also offer a chance for family bonding. Here are our suggestions.

Family Game

1. Never let kids forget about family board games

Board games have never lost their touch in entertaining an entire family in fun and healthy ways. Younger kids may appreciate games with simple rules and colorful game pieces. Snakes and Ladders, Guess Who?, and Operation is such great examples.

Older kids may enjoy board games that challenge abstract thinking; Risk, Monopoly, Chess, and Checkers come to mind. Other games for these kids are fun simulations that engage their imagination, such as Game of Life, Battleship, and Settlers of Catan.


2. Creative family games to let the kids’ imagination go wild

Fun family games aren’t just limited to games with small colorful pieces on the tabletop. Revive the classic art of charades, guess-the-drawing, and improvisation drama. If all members of the family love playing music, why not create a cover of their favorite songs?

Creativity knows no bounds. If you are willing, turn your family sofa into a castle, or have a gentle pillow war, or do both at once! Be sure to protect fragile decorations beforehand, and create firm rules to keep the kids’ energy at acceptable limits.


3. Physical exercise games

Once in awhile, play outdoors at a park or apartment common area as a family. Once you have taught your kids to observe physical distancing and hygienic practices, you can supervise them as they play and exercise. However, we do suggest that the parents or guardians should be more involved with the kids’ games.

This will keep the family in one general area and to avoid contact with other people. Avoid games like hide-and-seek to prevent your kids from wandering too far and touching surfaces that are unclean. For ball games, we suggest that you buy your own basketball hoop or makeshift soccer goal, rather than using a public one.

At IPEKA Integrated Christian School, we care about the mental and physical well-being of our children. It’s important to remember that amid the crisis that is happening around us, young children are still growing and developing nevertheless. If you and your loved ones have any questions about anything related to the pandemic and your children, feel free to consult with our certified counselors.

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