Graduation SH

Graduation SH

A Night to Remember

It was a momentous event for 62 IICS students; at last they had reached the apex of 13 years spent at school and a personal milestone – GRADUATION. After all the effort and what seemed like a life-time of inestimable struggles, our YEAR 12 students ‘Batch of 2018-2019’ took centre stage and assembled just one more time in the Sanctuary (School Chapel) for their graduation ceremony. Friday, 15 December, 2019 would mark the last formal occasion that these students would gather together as students of IICS before they would be sent out to face the next stage of their journey called ‘the rest of your life’.

The procession started with the Indonesian National Anthem, Indonesia Raya, followed by the IPEKA hymn and a prayer of thanksgiving and joy. Speeches recognising the significance of the occasion and the achievements of the students were presented. Each speaker congratulated the students on their many academic and non-academic successes while reminding them to remain steadfast and loyal to Jesus Christ in a secular world that is hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Stepping out and facing the world as a disciple of Christ will bring new challenges and students need to be ready.

The presentation of medals to signify the student’s completion of their high-school course was probably the highlight of the event. Once the students had received their medals it was time for more speeches. Starting the procession were the President and Vice-President of the student council, Isaac Edwin Winoto and Jovan Tjindra, both of whom gave humorous but, nonetheless, touching speeches that lightened the ambience.

As the event continued, Amy Salim gave the speech of appreciation to parents and reminded everyone that parents are one of God’s blessings. This was followed by a speech from Mrs. Vonny Irawan representing the parents of the Year 12 graduates who shared a memorable message for the graduates to take with them on the next stage of their academic journey.


The final speech from Mrs. Ireng Ambasari, representing the teachers, was touching and heartwarming. She shared how each and every one of us had grown academically and personally. She then shared iconic moments and emotional messages from other teachers. After all the speeches, a compilation video of numerous high school moments and events were played and this was followed with a special performance by Syncop Sunday. Their performance reminded the graduates of their time at IICS and how precious their days at school were. The formal part of the evening concluded with the recognition and presentation of awards to students who had distinguished themselves in both non-academic and academic areas including awards for the top performing students in the HSC subjects.

The ceremony was closed with a full-student-ensemble performing “This is me”. At the last note, the moment that everyone had been waiting for, mortarboards were removed and hurled into the air much to the elation of the graduates and their admirers sitting in the audience. Indeed, it was a superb way to end six years of hard work. It was an awesome evening, and one that the IICS ‘Batch of 2018-2019’ will never forget.

Congratulations to you all! You deserve the accolade. And best wishes for the ‘rest of your life’. Our love and prayers go with you all. God bless you. by Anthony Ngadiyoto

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