How to Encourage Kids to Play Team Sports

How to Encourage Kids to Play Team Sports

Kids playing sports tend to have a happy life; they exercise collaborative skills, are physically healthy, and will most likely be admired by future employers. Team sports, like soccer, basketball, hockey, and volleyball are among the most popular sports in which your child can thrive both physically and mentally. 

However, if you find that your child is avoiding joining a team sport, here is how to kindly and effectively encourage him/her to play team sports. 

Focus on fun and community

If you think that your child is “not the sporty type”, you might set yourself a limiting mindset. Children and teens all love to play and become part of a team. Maybe your child hasn’t found his/her favorite sport. Maybe there is a lack of an open community where your child can play and perform without feeling nervous.

Some children, when they enter a competitive team sport, feel pressured. It’s possible that they are avoiding team sports altogether because they don’t feel confident about their performance in the sport of choice. 

sports community

In which case, you can help your child to find a sporting community, both in and outside of school. Encourage them to be more active in youth groups, as they tend to be more welcoming and accepting. When such groups hold sporting events, encourage your child to join regardless of how your child feels about his/her skills.

Although team sports are beneficial, never force your child when it comes to sports. Fun and community should be the number one priority for a productive team sport.

basket ball

Try many different sports

The problem could also be the sport itself. It’s understandable that soccer, futsal, and basketball are two of the most popular sports in Indonesia, and people tend to highlight these sports as the ultimate team sport. You may find yourself to feel pressured by a few people when they ask why your child isn’t active in soccer or basketball.

To feel defensive or pressured are not useful reactions to such comments. Of course, soccer and basketball aren’t the only team sports your child can play. You can even look beyond your child’s immediate community such as the neighborhood and school. 

For example, have you considered that your child may enjoy ice hockey? There is an active community of ice hockey players in Bintaro Xchange Mall’s huge ice rink. You can also assist in finding a youth community of volleyball, lacrosse, cricket, and water polo players and meet up in Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex. 

Encourage your child to explore and take up different sports. Make fun, community, and sportsmanship a higher priority than having to win. 

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