How to Help Your Children to Focus while Studying

How to Help Your Children to Focus while Studying

Focus is not only an important skill in academics, but also in many areas of life. If your children find it difficult to focus while studying, it’s not right to assume that they are lazy or unmotivated to learn. The secret to focused studying lies in three principles, and we will share them with you in this article.

1. Organization to help focus

How can children focus if it’s difficult to locate their class notes and stationery? How can they concentrate on a desk that is full of clutter and distraction? 

The organization is all about setting up the right environment that is both comfortable and conducive for a distraction-free study session. The right environment will provide the right resources (stationery, books, notes) and contains nothing else other than the things that contribute to the learning experience.

This also means helping to train your children to focus only on the next important things to do. If it helps, encourage your children to avoid using gadgets while studying, and not to study while snacking on food.

2. Routine to build study habit

Motivation is fleeting, and your children should be trained to study regardless of their mood to study. The secret to success is not sheer willpower, but rather a working system and routine. 

Once your children understand this, they will appreciate a study schedule that is convenient and consistent. The best time to study is as soon as they come back home and settle in. Encourage them to revise on the lessons that they’ve learned on that day – it should be easier to concentrate as the information is still fresh.

It’s advisable to make studying a priority so that your children can relax and enjoy the rest of the day without having to worry about upcoming tests or quizzes. This greatly impacts the quality of their sleep in a positive way.

focus studying

3. Study breaks to refresh focus

Focus is a finite resource, and the longer the study session, the less effective it becomes. A good study session consists of 30 minutes of studying and a 5-minute break.  

While the total amount of time for studying depends on their need to revise and the difficulty of the material, it’s highly recommended to spend no more than 15  minutes per subject for simple day-to-day material revision.

This means on a typical day with 4 subjects, your child should spend no more than 1 hour to study everyday. To study for a test or an exam, the timing may vary depending on material difficulty, however please be consistent on the study break of 5 minutes every 30 minutes. 

More time learning with less studying

At IPEKA Integrated Christian School, we encourage students to get to know themselves and find their most preferred ways to learn. Creative education is also practiced among the teachers to accommodate for all styles of learning. Learn more about the academic life at IPEKA.

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