Impact of gadgets and how they can facilitate education for kids

Impact of gadgets and how they can facilitate education for kids

We live in a time where technology is gradually integrating itself into our children’s lives. The advent of smart mobile gadgets has propelled the notion of gadget integration into our daily lives more than ever before. There are different views on the impact of gadgets on children’s development. Regardless of where you stand on the idea, there is no denying that gadgets are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Now, with that said, it is up to us parents, guardians, and educators to understand the impact of gadgets, and how they can be used as instruments of education instead of distractions.

gadget for facilitate education for kids

Instruments of resource

Most modern gadgets nowadays have access to internet connectivity, which means kids have access to a powerful source of multimedia content online that can facilitate their learning experience. Teachers can take advantage of this to incorporate learning materials with references, videos, artwork, and various other online resources.


Supplement children’s learning style

When used effectively, gadgets can be powerful instruments to supplement children’s learning by appealing to their learning style. If a child learns better through visual methods, then supplement their learning by introducing them to images, infographics, and videos that help them understand the concept that they’re learning. If they’re more of an auditory learner, set their gadgets to subscribe to a podcast or audiobook where they can listen to learning materials.


Tools to help them organize

I think we can all agree that staying organized is key to a successful academic experience. In that regard, gadgets are invaluable with their powerful organization applications that help children organize their learning content, due dates, homework, and so on.


Increase student engagement

Mobile gadgets are inherently designed to be interactive tools. Learning materials can be packaged in a way to take advantage of the interactive nature of gadgets to increase engagement with students. Multimedia content in the form of games, simulations or even augmented reality can provide a breakthrough learning experience for kids.

On a closing note, we believe that the gadgets have their place in facilitating children’s education. Their use should be moderated and monitored, especially with younger children. Software developers understand this too and have integrated safety mechanisms to ensure content is filtered when the device is used by children. Make sure to leverage these features, and set up your devices to facilitate the learning of your children.

Learn how IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) plans to integrate gadgets to facilitate the learning of our students by visiting our website.

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