IPEKA INTEGRATED Senior High School: Gold Medal at the British Biology Olympiad 2022

IPEKA INTEGRATED Senior High School: Gold Medal at the British Biology Olympiad 2022

Praise God, congratulations to Tobias Tito Surjorahardjo from IPEKA INTEGRATED Senior High School who won the Gold Medal in the British Biology Olympiads 2022. Tobias is one of the top 5% who won the gold medal.

The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is a competition for pre-university students which tests their practical and theoretical biology skills. 

 Students from all over the world participate in the competition to promote and challenge their interest in biosciences. Students get the chance to develop their talents.

This year's British Biology Olympiad attracted more than 10,000 students from more than 700 schools throughout the world. They finished two 45-minute papers that included well-known and original biology subjects, ranging from ecology to biotechnology!

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