National Batik Day – Why is Batik Designated as One of the World’s Cultural Heritage?

National Batik Day – Why is Batik Designated as One of the World’s Cultural Heritage?

National Batik Day is commemorated today, October 2, 2021. October 2 was chosen as National Batik Day because on that date batik was recognized as an intangible world cultural heritage originating from Indonesia by UNESCO. UNESCO's determination to make batik an intangible cultural heritage, not only sees batik as a patterned cloth but also because batik is passed down from generation to generation on the basis of local cultural philosophy and records changes in a generation.

So why is batik designated as one of the world's cultural heritage?

  1. Rich in symbols and philosophy
    Batik has been rooted in Indonesian society since the time of their ancestors. This diversity is the result of the acculturation of different cultures in Indonesia. Patterns and textures are never the same, batik carries a deep philosophy and meaning. Every line on the logo is an expression of the rich culture that exists in Indonesia. UNESCO research before making batik a world heritage site has been going on for years. Batik is not only seen as a product but also preserves various historical and philosophical aspects it contains.
  2. The link between the past and the future
    Batik is passed down from generation to generation and remains the link between the past and the future. Batik as cultural heritage has never been damaged in a certain decade in history. It is also what makes batik a very valuable heritage throughout the world. Batik was inherited by our ancestors to become our identity. This is also why batik deserves the title of the world heritage site. According to UNESCO, the so-called intangible heritage is a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation, developed in society, and promotes the formation of identity in a sustainable manner.
  3. Recognized by the world
    According to UNESCO, cultural heritage will be referred to as a cultural heritage if it is recognized by the community, groups, or individuals who maintain it, create it or pass it on to the next generation. As reported by, a Dutch archaeologist JLA Brandes said that batik is one of the 10 original cultural characteristics of Indonesian people. In addition, Thomas Stanford Raffles also knew and was fascinated by the charm of batik when he was in power in the Dutch East Indies in 1811-1816. This Javanese history writer also admits that batik is one of Indonesia's primitive cultures.

Let's as citizens of Indonesia preserve the culture that has been passed down by our ancestors, and always love local culture and products by wearing batik today.

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