Practical healthy foods to prepare for a family vacation

Practical healthy foods to prepare for a family vacation

Vacation time is almost here, so let’s discuss some healthy ways you can start preparing for a family vacation. This year, family vacations will look different compared to typical vacations in the past. The pandemic is still affecting the way people live and travel, but surely after one year, you and your family have learned to live with it and can choose certain activities to add some sense of normality to life.

Although governments strongly advise avoiding unnecessary travel, understandably we as human beings have the need for novelty and exploration. Therefore if you choose to travel and have a family vacation, continue reading the following tips so that you can ensure safety and health for your family.


Eating healthy food and boosting your immune system before going anywhere

Since you already know the basic health guidelines to reduce COVID-19 transmissions, we will share with you a less obvious but practical tip. Before going anywhere outside your normal bubble consider eating healthy food to boost your immune system and encourage your loved ones to do likewise.

What foods can you consume to boost your immune system?


1. Citrus and peppers for vitamin C

Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, bell peppers and chili are all rich in Vitamin C. Studies show that sufficient levels of vitamin C are crucial to a healthy immune system. One thing to note is that our bodies do not produce Vitamin C, so if we stop taking in fruits or supplements, we will suffer Vitamin C deficiency.

2. Broccoli

Although Vitamin C can be supplied by supplements, it is usually recommended that we try to get the majority of our vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Broccoli contains minerals such as iron and calcium. In addition, broccoli also contains antioxidants to help slow down cellular damage resulting from oxidative stress.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a crucial ingredient for warm holiday drinks and treats, including: christmas cookies, tea, and wedang jahe, the go-to warm drink for flu patients. Ginger supplies antioxidants and is thought to alleviate bodily tension. To steal a common adage, “a cup of ginger extract a day keeps viruses away.”

4. Yoghurt

Your body defense is not complete without having beneficial bacteria to guard your intestines. Yoghurt is one of the most underrated wonder foods in Indonesia because it is not widely known, so its benefits remain a mystery to many people here. Yoghurt works as a breakfast companion or as a dessert, and it is often conveniently packed to be consumed on the go.

Stay safe, eat healthy

We hope that you travel safely and plan ahead to get healthy with a variety of fruits and vegetables when preparing for a family vacation.

At IPEKA Integrated Christian School, we believe in delivering better education in Science and Truth. We look forward to the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to overcome the current barriers in education caused by the pandemic. We pray that every student in the world is able to get the education that they deserve.

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