Triumph in Mathematics Olympiad: IPEKA INTEGRATED Junior High School Students Shine at WMI and SASMO 2023

Triumph in Mathematics Olympiad: IPEKA INTEGRATED Junior High School Students Shine at WMI and SASMO 2023

Students Shine at WMI and SASMO

In a resounding celebration of mathematical prowess and academic excellence, students from IPEKA INTEGRATED Junior High School have clinched remarkable victories at the 2023 World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) and Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO). This achievement not only underscores the students' exceptional abilities but also reflects the school's commitment to nurturing mathematical talent and fostering a love for problem-solving.

The SASMO, a highly regarded math olympiad contest, is renowned for challenging the brightest young minds, and pushing the boundaries of mathematical thinking. However, what sets SASMO apart is its inclusive approach, designed to instill confidence in students of all levels. The competition serves as a platform where students can not only showcase their mathematical prowess but also gain confidence in their abilities, fostering a positive and empowering learning experience.

On a global scale, the World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) holds a distinguished position as the first international competition founded by Taiwan. This prestigious event brings together talented students from around the world, providing a platform for intellectual exchange and friendly competition. The WMI aims not only to challenge participants but also to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of mathematics on an international stage.

In the spirit of gratitude and acknowledgment, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the students of IPEKA INTEGRATED Junior High School for their outstanding achievements in both the WMI and SASMO. Their success is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the guidance provided by the educators and mentors who have played a pivotal role in shaping their academic journey.

Check out the names of students who made achievements in SASMO and WMI:

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