Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day celebration which takes place every year on December 22, certainly has its own meaning. As a mother, this can be interpreted as one of gratitude and appreciation for her role as a mother in the midst of her family. Mother is a very meaningful person and loves her family very much. Likewise for a child, the mother is the person who loves and cares for her child the most. She can be a friend, doctor, teacher, and various other roles for her child. A mother is even willing to do anything for her baby so that they are happy, even away from problems.

"I love my children very much." This is a phrase we hear often. The words were not spoken without reason. In fact, a mother always loves her children until the end of her life. Her services are unstoppable and countless, since her children were born into this world and first cried, it was the mother who welcomed them with happiness and full of hope. Perhaps her children were already considered gems to her. In every prayer, the child's name is always mentioned, even though they do not know it. The name given to her baby is also a prayer and hope for a mother for her child.

History of National Mother's Day

Why is Mother's Day celebrated every December 22? Starting from the Indonesian Women's Congress which was first held on December 22, 1928, in Yogyakarta. This incident is believed to be the beginning of the struggle of women in Indonesia. The congress was attended by around 30 women's organizations from 12 cities in Sumatra and Java.

​​The idea to commemorate Mother's Day emerged during the Third Women's Congress in 1938. The commemoration was aimed at fighting for independence and improving the situation for Indonesian women. Almost all of the agenda at this congress is related to women's rights. This can be seen from the meeting on the second day where Moega Roemah discussed child marriage. In ancient times before independence, women often married even though they were young.

Representative Poetri Boedi Sedjati (PBS) from Surabaya also communicated the level and self-esteem of Javanese women. Then Siti Moendji'ah with "Women's Title" and Ki Hadjar Dewantara's wife, Nyi Hajar Dewantara about women's manners. At this congress, Indonesian heroines gathered to protect women's rights. (Reference: IDN Times)

After all, Mother's Day is a moment to remember all the services that mothers have given. Maybe the children have not been able to repay all the kindness and love given to us by our mother, have not become good children, still often do not listen to advice, or maybe they have not had time to say "I love you" because of prestige/too busy with work. Let's spend some time with Mom before that opportunity is gone and before we can't see her again.


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in Indonesia, you are a great and meritorious woman in our lives!

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