Let’s Celebrate Christmas together with IPEKA Christian School students!

Let’s Celebrate Christmas together with IPEKA Christian School students!

What are you most looking forward to at Christmas? Interesting gifts? Nice decoration? Or the birth of Jesus in the world?

Even though it is still in the midst of a pandemic, IPEKA Christian School still celebrates this Christmas together with all students, teachers, and employees with various interesting and fun events, such as worship services, games, student performances, dramas, and so on. Not only celebrating, but the disciples were invited to return to be grateful and rejoice over the birth of Jesus into the world to save mankind. The following are some of the activities held by IPEKA Christian School to celebrate and welcome the birth of the Lord Jesus.

IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS)

IICS held a joint service for kindergarten and elementary school students with the theme “Jesus is Love and Peace”. In this event, the students also gave special performances such as singing and dancing. In addition, expats and teachers from IICS also made a video congratulating their parents on Christmas using sign language.





SDK IPEKA GRAND WISATA also held a joint worship service for elementary school students grade 1 to grade 6 with the theme “I Want To Obey”. In this service, the Word of God was delivered by Laoshi Michael Sander, where through his sermon, he invited the children to live obediently and want to do God's Word seriously. In addition, there was also a drama performance of “Magi from the East” which was presented by IPEKA GRAND WISATA teachers.




SDK IPEKA Palembang virtual concert was held in conjunction with the Christmas celebration, the students sang the song 'Away in A Manger' accompanied by virtual music. In addition to the virtual concert, there was also a singing performance by the IPEKA PALEMBANG extracurricular vocal team and a dance performance by 6th graders. 





IPEKA PLUIT made a video containing Christmas greetings by IPEKA PLUIT SMAK teachers for students in various languages, both regional and international languages. The languages spoken are very diverse, ranging from English, Mandarin, Javanese, Spanish, to French. What language is most interesting to you?





SMPK IPEKA BALIKPAPAN not only celebrates Christmas with teachers and students, but they also carry out “Berbagi Kasih” activities. In this activity, students collect and distribute basic necessities such as oil, rice, milk, and others to non-staff (security guards and cleaning services), street cleaners, and orphanages.







May the light of Christmas live in our hearts and we may be a light to our families and neighbors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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