IICS Graduation Class of 2021

IICS Graduation Class of 2021

It was the day IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) Senior High students had been waiting for. 63 students have reached their finish line of high school. Today, December 3rd, 2021 would be the final official gathering of these students as IICS students before they were sent out to confront the next chapter of their journey, dubbed "the rest of your life." 

Speeches were given by Ms. Natasha Christiani as IICS Senior High Principal and Mr. Handojo as CEO of IPEKA, which recognized the significance of the occasion as well as the accomplishments of the students. Each speaker praised the students for their numerous academic and non-academic accomplishments while reminding them to remain firm and loyal to Jesus Christ in a secular society hostile to the Gospel. As a disciple of Christ, stepping out and facing the world will provide new obstacles, and students must be prepared.

The highlight of the event would be the representation of diplomas where students were given their diplomas and medals to signify the student’s completion of their high-school course. Followed by that, Matthew Sebastian, Former Student Council President gave a speech about how IICS united them all and how they made a lot of precious memories throughout the last three years of school. “We can surely know that through IICS, we have already gained some values needed for us to achieve our future aspirations. I believe that all the joy we had in IPEKA couldn’t be achieved without the help from the members of the IPEKA community,” said Matthew.

After all the speeches, a compilation video of numerous high school moments and events were played and this was followed by a special band performance by the students. The graduation event concluded with the award ceremony that celebrated the students’ achievements and extraordinary performances in both non-academic and academic areas during the school. IICS Special Award is also awarded to students to acknowledge their achievement in many different categories.

Congratulations to you all! Our prayers are for your best future. Keep shining and explore the world that is bigger than your current world. Stand firm on your Christ-like values, contribute and bless others. God bless you.

Watch Full Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG1su7QrD6U

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