IPEKA Christian School Holds Onsite Open House

IPEKA Christian School Holds Onsite Open House

After two years of holding an online Open House, this year IPEKA Christian School holds an onsite Open House.

The IPEKA Christian School Open House will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2022 at IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS), IPEKA BSD, IPEKA Tomang, IPEKA Puri, IPEKA Pluit, IPEKA Sunter, IPEKA Grand Wisata, and IPEKA Balikpapan. At the Open House, parents can find out more about IPEKA Christian School and can participate in the IPEKA Appreciation Price program during the IPEKA Appreciation Weeks period.

The performances of the IPEKA Christian School students were also very interesting, showing their talents in Open House activities such as singing, dancing, or bible storytelling. At IPEKA Palembang, a coloring competition was also held in collaboration with Faber Castell for PAUD children and their parents.

For parents who haven't been able to attend the Open House on Saturday, August 13, 2022, let's join the IPEKA Christian School and get the IPEKA Appreciation Price during the IPEKA Appreciation Weeks period, contact our hotline for more information.

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