Fun and Productive Children’s Activities at Home

Fun and Productive Children’s Activities at Home

Before the pandemic, semester breaks were something that kids looked forward to. Kids don’t have to go to class and can stay at home. These days, semester breaks seem to have lost their magic. After working hard at home, doing assignments and learning with video conference apps, they now need to spend the semester breaks in the same place they’ve been doing their assignments all year — at home.

Home doesn’t have to be a boring place, of course. There are so many activities that can keep your kids busy while creating a productive learning experience. Here are some ideas on what they can do.

Cooking with family at home

1. Learn to cook and prepare meals

Consistent with the stay-at-home lifestyle is preparing our own meals so as not to go into crowded places such as restaurants. Your family must have missed tasting all the unique cuisines and exploring trendy restaurants in North and South Jakarta.

Why not learn to make them at home and involve your children? Whether it’s homemade pizza with incredibly generous cheese content, or a fun bowl of tteok-bokki to watch a movie with, your kitchen has a lot of potentials. Your kids would love the family gourmet creation session.

2. Decorate the house to make it look fresh

Living in the same space can become boring because everything looks so familiar. The colors of the walls look the same; the shapes of everything look the same. If you can navigate through your house blindfolded, then it’s time to rearrange and redecorate everything to make it less familiar.

Your kids can put their arts and crafts skills to the test. Have you ever wanted to see flocks of paper cranes around the house? A dry aquarium with paper mache fish? How about a mural that spans from one room to another? Get creative — and more importantly have lots of fun.

3. Fundraising

This pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone, but there are people who struggle more than others. Due to physical distancing, it can be difficult to reach people and lend our time, for example, to teach, to play, and to accompany people in need. The best gift that we can give right now is financial aid.

A fundraising program that your family organizes can be an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience for your kids. Coupled with the ability to sell things online, your kids can get involved in the creation of products or services. From cooking food to making clothes, there are ways for your kids to get creative, entrepreneurial, and charitable at the same time.



IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) seeks to guide individuals through examples that Christ has given. Watching our students develop skills and talent to do charitable works is a great sight to see as educators.

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