Outdoor Sports for Kids in the New Normal Period

Outdoor Sports for Kids in the New Normal Period

You may have run into this strange dilemma: You want your family to stay healthy especially during this pandemic, but you’re afraid that going outside might expose them to other people, risking infection.

In this article, we’ll list down a few low-risk outdoor sports and activities that are relatively safe in the new normal period. Remember, to stay safe, it is enough for your family to wear a mask, to distance themselves from other people, and to wash up after sports before touching any food or the face area.

Cycling with father in park

1. Hiking

If your family has always enjoyed the cool fresh air of Puncak on a weekend trip, then they would appreciate the region even more now. The lush tea plantation area is wide open, and you won’t bump into many other people unless you go to the restaurants, of course.

If you are not too enthusiastic about traffic jams to Puncak, visit Sentul’s hilly lowland — not as tall as the Puncak mountains but it nevertheless offers the same fresh air and fewer people know about it. There are actually many hiking routes that you can take throughout the Bojong Koneng region, for example.

2. Light cycling

If you prefer to stick to the cities, a Car Free Day bike ride is one of the best options. Granted that you will share the road with a lot of people. The last thing you want to do with your family is to jog or run at this time. You’ll find running with a mask annoying, and taking off your mask is highly risky.

Light cycling allows you to comfortably ride while wearing a mask in the middle of the road. Where most runners stick to the roadsides, you and your family will have plenty of space to cycle.

3. Badminton and tennis

What is a sport where at least two people compete in a 13.4 meter by 6.1-meter court, separated by a 2-meter tall net? The answer to that is badminton. In tennis, the net might be shorter, but the court is much larger, so playing doubles while physical distancing is entirely possible. They are probably the ultimate sports for the new normal period.

Badminton and tennis have other advantages too. You can perform an aerobic exercise, in which your family can run around and breathe rapidly without having to wear a mask. Even the closest distance to a spectator on the bench is at least 5 meters away from each player.

These are just a few ideas for you to consider. Staying healthy in the new normal period is important, and it’s even more so if done according to the safety protocols that health experts recommend.


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