IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School is Ranked 57th Among All NSW Schools

IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School is Ranked 57th Among All NSW Schools

A Year Well Said.

Teamwork, hard work, and God's Grace!

IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School which has offered the HSC for almost 20 years, was ranked 57th among all NSW schools, and its best-ever result.

Quoting from: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/indonesian-school-tops-private-school-performance-in-hsc-maths-20201216-p56nz2.html?btis

“A competitive focus on maths education has helped an international school in Jakarta to achieve the top ranking in mathematics performance among private schools in the NSW Higher School Certificate. IPEKA Integrated Christian School also achieved an 82 percent success rate to tie second among all schools, recording 46 high scores from 56 entries.”

Joshie Katherine Tan, the school's location coordinator, said it started offering students the HSC 20 years ago to help them gain entry to Australian universities.

“More than 90 percent of our students continue their university studies overseas with increasing numbers of scholarship recipients. Thirty percent of them continue their studies in Australia. Our school encourages students to do well and the students themselves put their best effort to be accepted to universities of their choice. Our teachers are experienced in teaching the HSC."

Congratulations, the graduating class of 2020!

May He opens all doors that He would like you to pass through in your next journey.

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